The Java Pit

The Java Pit is a unique trading room experience. It is run by Stefanie Kammerman, also known as “The Stock Whisperer”. She brings to the trading room 26 years of trading experience. She’s mentored and coached thousands of traders around the world. Not only does she teach beginner and advanced day trading and swing trading classes, but she also monitors her students very closely every day in her chat room. By sharing her screen with her students during pre -market and live trading, you learn by watching her trade, as if you were sitting right next to her. All throughout the day, she points out the highest probability trades following the Dark Pool. We trade stocks, options, futures, forex and crypto currencies.

Stefanie has two audio meetings throughout the trading day. The pre-market meeting is where she teaches her students how to find the highest probability day trading stocks. She teaches you by drawing lines on her charts and pointing out where the smart money is buying and where the smart money is selling, otherwise known as the big prints. She also points out the best trading levels for these stocks by zooming in and out of her charts. The afternoon meeting concentrates on the highest probability trades as well as what levels to enter and exit for the overnight swings.

The Java Pit consists of many experienced traders sharing their trades and trade set ups as well as many traders just starting out wanting to learn more. It’s an unbelievable trading community where the traders help one another with great advice about brokers, platforms, news stories, and stock picks. It’s a place where everybody works together as a team, and where knowledge is shared all throughout the day. It’s one big family where students can feel comfortably at home, have fun, tell some jokes here and there, but yet still obtain a serious attitude about trading.

So grab a cup of java and come join “The Stock Whisperer” at the Java Pit Trading Room

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