Dark Pool Interactive App Room

Did you know that over 40% of all the trades being executed right now are being done in this alternative secret exchange known as The Dark Pool? Knowing where the big guys are buying and selling will increase your success rate whether you’re a day trader, short term swing trader or longer-term investor.

The Stock Whisperer is excited to announce our new unique Premium Dark Pool Interactive App platform.

The New Dark Pool Interactive App is also available as a desktop version where traders can communicate with each other all day long via chat box. You can download the mobile app as well once you’re in the room which gives you easy accessibility at all times.

Throughout the day you will receive push notifications of highly unusual Dark Pool trades that will affect specific stocks along with the entire market. 

You will be given specific levels to enter the trade along with the video each morning called the Whisper of the Day.  In this daily video, Stefanie will explain the specific details of each trade in an effort to educate you on how to trade these high probability set ups.

The dark pool trades in all the sectors including financial stocks, gold, silver, oil, natural gas, technology, industrial goods, consumer goods, retail, healthcare, bonds and the dollar. 

Come in early and Watch Stefanie record it live starting around 8am ET.

You will be able to share your trades with other Dark Pool Interactive App members in our New Dark Pool Interactive App Desktop Room.

Throughout the day, Stefanie will share her block trade indicator in the Dark Pool Interactive App Room.

Ask Questions, every Tuesday Stefanie hosts a live closing bell meeting

With almost 3 decades of experience trading in and around the dark pool, Stefanie has called the past 19 corrections on social media and now you will be the first to know when the next one is coming by signing up for this premium Dark Pool Interactive App Room.

Special Bonus:
Every Tuesday Stefanie will do a Closing Bell at 4pm EST.
She will go over recent Dark Pool prints and special levels to watch for the week!

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A membership subscription to the Dark Pool Interactive App Room is $39.99/month for our Premium Service.  This is an auto recurring monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time.  You will be grandfathered in at that rate.  

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