Step One, The Training Pit

Are you brand new to the Dark Pool or are you a new trader, not knowing where to start? Do you feel intimidated and unsure of what approach to take and what kind of account to open? You’re not alone! Welcome to our Training Pit, run by Stefanie Kammerman’s best assistants. They will hold your hand and walk you through the process of this new transformation into trading. For more information to join our live training room, The Training Pit, click here

Boot Camp

In this 70 hour all live Trading workshop, Stefanie shares her screen with you and walks you through every kind of trading situation.
You will learn how to trade around the Dark Pool. This class covers day trading, overnight momentum swing trading as well as longer term investing.  For more information click here

The Java Pit 

A unique trading room experience run by Stefanie Kammerman, also known as “The Stock Whisperer” that is sold on a subscription basis.  By sharing her screen inside The Java Pit, during pre-market and live trading, you learn by watching her trade, as if you were sitting right next to her. All throughout the day Stefanie points out the highest probability trades. Email for more information.

The Dark Pool App

New to The Stock Whisperer offering, we've created the Dark Pool App. The app itself is free to download. In the App you'll see Stefanie tweeting all day long on the highly unusual trades that will affect specific stocks along with the entire market. You can also subscribe to receive specific levels to watch along with pictures of these trades and charts showing you the highest probability trade set ups. You’ll get notifications when the dark pool is buying and you’ll get notified when they are selling. Download the app today and get started!  

Dark Pool Insights

Our brand-new amazing new subscription called “Dark pool Insights” is a weekly 20-minute video that teaches you how to trade around the recent Dark Pool activity. I'll share my day trading and swing trading rules with you, how to spot a correction before it happens and when it's over, and more. You will learn so much every single week just by watching these insight videos!

Lunch with Stefanie

You will be able to look over Stefanie's shoulder as she walks you through various Dark Pool trades she has taken, providing details of the strategies used to enter and exit.
Stefanie will give you new swing trade set ups to take right now by following the most recent Dark Pool activity.
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