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Learning Objectives

Hi there,
Stefanie Kammerman here to tell you that I am super excited to let you know that I will be offering a brand-new amazing new subscription called “Dark pool Insights”.

Every weekend I will put together a quick 20-minute video for you teaching you how to trade around the recent Dark Pool activity. I’ll share trades that my traders and I have personally taken over the past week teaching you when to enter and exit but  I will also share new trade set ups for you to watch and trade going into the following week. This way you get a great heads up of what is coming but you are also learning how to trade.

Some week’s I’ll teach you my favorite trading strategies like how to trade through earnings season, an FOMC meeting, or any big event that comes up. Other weeks I’ll teach you how I map out my trades using my favorite moving averages and pivots.

I love to share my day trading and swing trading rules with you.  I’ll also be teaching you how to spot a correction before it happens, in fact I’ll tell when one is coming, but I will also show you how to spot when a correction is over and I’ll share with you the major levels you need to watch moving forward.

You will learn so much every single week just by watching these insight videos!

Whatever is happening right now in the Dark Pool, I will share that with you and show you how to trade it.

So, go ahead and sign up now! See what the buzz is all about.

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