The Advanced Training Pit

The  Advanced Training Pit is a warm comfortable friendly environment where new traders can learn the basics of trading taught by Stefanie Kammerman’s handpicked and personally trained assistants. There are numerous audio meetings throughout the day that will cover all the Learning objectives below. Every week, Stefanie will come into the training pit to see how you are doing.  She will introduce you to the Dark Pool and share some of her favorite trade set ups.

As an extra bonus, you will also receive all her push notifications throughout the day on the unusual Dark Pool activity that is happening, along with which levels to trade. You will also receive her Daily Dark Pool Whisper Video.

Once you have completed all of our beginner workshops you will be ready to make the next level.

Classes start at 11 am EST Monday and Friday

Wednesday 12 noon EST


Learning Objectives

  • Learn the Basics of stock trading
  • Finding the right broker for you
  • Setting up your software with charts, time and sales window and Level 2
  • Learn how to execute a trade
  • Learn the Basics of option trading
  • Learn the basic Japanese candles
  • Learn the basics of the Dark Pool
  • Learn the difference between the different Electronic Communication Networks
  • Learn basic Tape reading
  • Learn the basics of Money Management
  • Learn how to draw trend lines
  • Learn the basics of futures trading
  • Learn the basics of how to use pivots
  • Learn which moving averages are best to use
  • Learn the differences between Day trading and swing trading
  • Learn the difference between going long and going short
  • Crypto Basics
  • Meditation for Traders
  • Navigating the Dark Pool Prints
  • Become the CEO of your Trading Business

What is the Training Pit,
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