Recorded Live 3 Day Day Trading Boot Camp February 2024

Step #1 Let’s start by learning the most basic trading principles.
Step #2 Let’s master ourselves.
Step #3 Let’s put it all together. Let’s trade live. Let’s do this!
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Recorded Live 3 Day Day Trading Boot Camp February 2024

Stefanie will guide you through her process.
You will learn how to map out the highest probability of Day trades.
Learning how to map out these trades is the best gift you can give to yourself.
Learning which levels to enter and exit are great,
but the key to being successful is based on your performance.
The second step to the mastery process lies within your ability to trigger the trade.
Whether you have more difficulty entering or exiting,
Stefanie will help you master both of these in this powerful 3 Day live workshop.
Once we can build a good foundation, we can move forward to mastery.
Let’s build a great foundation together.
Let’s learn how to excel in a performance Career.
Let’s never trade impulsively again!

This Workshop was recorded live February 2024

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