Master the Dark Pool Module Two April 2022(Recorded)

Master the Dark Pool, “Understanding the Life Cycle of the Print”

Recorded from the Live Class April 2022

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Master the Dark Pool Module Two April 2022(Recorded)

  • You're invited to join us in the upcoming workshop Master the Dark Pool, our topic will be “Understanding the Life Cycle of the Print”
    This workshop offers a fresh perspective and has been highly rated by past attendees.  (Testimonials are included in attached video)
    The content is appropriate for both seasoned traders as well as those new to the Dark Pool. 
     We’ll address the most common questions of trading off the prints, including: 
  • How do I know when to enter? 
  • How do I tell when the splash is over? 
  • Can I trade the splash?  
  • How do I trade the splash? 
  • What trade strategy is best for each stage of the print?  
  •  We’ll take a highly analytical look at past prints which will address the following objectives.: 
  • Establish a solid understanding of the stages of the Life cycle of the prints 
  • Identify common patterns so you are equipped to take advantage of the move 
  • Develop a trade strategy for the “splash” 
  • Develop a specific trade strategy for each stage of the print  
  • Identify the factors that can delay a move off a print 
  • Identify factors that can expediate a move off a print 
  • Determine a list of “Power Questions” to assist in selecting the best trade setups 
  • Determine “Foundational Truths” which can serve as guidelines for your trading 
Workshop Details:  
  • 3 Saturday sessions 1 ½ hour long each (Recorded for those who cannot attend live) 
  • Each session is followed by 4 days of interactive online homework with multiple choice, fill in the blank drag and drop etc. This ensures “Mastery” of the concepts 
  • “Partner Project”- For those interested, you will be able to be matched to another trader in the workshop. A weekly call guideline is provided to allow you to discuss topics during a brief weekly call or email. The goal will be to solidify your application of the topics covered.  
  • This is Module Two of a Three Module Series. It is able to be taken without having completed Module One. For those interested, you may also purchase Module One: “Master the Foundational Skills” in the store. 
  • The workshop will focus on application of the concepts and will guide participants to set goals and action steps 
  • Facilitator: Donda Combs 

Recorded from Live Class April 2022


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