What's Inside the Candle

In this Unique workshop, Stefanie will show you how to take the highest probability Candlestick patterns and increase them dramatically. You will also  learn how and why these patterns succeed and fail by learning how to read what's inside them. It's what's inside the candle that matters. This workshop also shows you how Stefanie spotted the February 26th 2015 correction before it happened using candle patterns combined with the dark pool prints. 
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What's Inside the Candle

Learning Objectives:
Learn her favorite high probability candlestick patterns
Learn the secret levels that stocks trade off of
Learn how to follow insider trading
Using volume as a primary indicator
How to spot a correction before it happens
How to spot short covering
How to align ETF's with their bear ETF's
Learn how to trade around the Dark Pool
How to follow the smart money

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Duration 107 minutes  You must download the file to watch the entire workshop
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