Simple Strategies Trading the Dark Pool.

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Simple Strategies Trading the Dark Pool.

In this 4 plus-hour Power Packed  recorded (was live on 12-13-18) workshop, Stefanie teaches you simple strategies to trade around the Dark Pool Prints.  She will discuss the manipulative ways that the  Dark Pool operates and how to profit from it. 

Stefanie walks you through the most recent Dark Pool Prints and teaches you how to map out the highest probability future trades to take. You will be given detailed instructions on how to enter and exit each trade.   You will also learn how to combine seasonality together with the Dark Pool which is the secret to her 90% success rate.  

Whether you trade Stocks, Options or Futures this workshop will take your trading to the next level.

Learnings objectives

Short Term Overnight Momentum Trading
4 Types of Dark Pool prints and how to trade them
How to spot a correction before it happens following the Dark Pool
How to trade shorter term using Dark Pool Print Pong
How to find the highest probability longer term Swing Trading around the Dark Pool
Tips to picking the right strike and expiration trading options
How to avoid exit-it is trading options by using my unique Java pit roll
How to know when to use strangles when trading the Dark Pool

Duration: 4 hours 41 minutes You must download the file to watch the entire workshop
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