Introduction to the Dark Pool

In this 70-minute power workshop, Stefanie Kammerman, aka the Stock whisperer will quickly walk you through how she got started on Wall Street 29 years ago. How she discovered the Dark Pool and became a professional trader. You will learn so much about how to trade the Dark Pool in this workshop!

Recorded from our live Advanced Training Pit 
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Introduction to the Dark Pool

              You will learn about the 4 different kinds of Dark Pool prints and how to trade them.
          Stefanie shares her recent trades with you so you can learn the rhythm of the Dark Pool.
How do you know when a correction is coming? How do you know when a correction is over?
There are patterns that tell us when the large institutions are selling at the top or buying at the bottom.    
                 Once you learn what this looks like, you will never have to guess again.

                                    Did you see this recent correction coming?
Stefanie walks you through this recent correction on the $SPY and shares how she has traded it.
                              What happens when you’re on the wrong side of the trade?
                Stefanie will share with you a few examples of how she handles getting splashed.
                                       You do not want to miss this brand-new workshop!

Duration 70 minutes
Recorded from our Live Advanced Training Pit

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