How to Profit Off the Dark Pool

Did you know that over 40% of all the volume being done in the market is being executed in the dark pool. In this unique, colorful, animated workshop, you will learn how to trade around the dark pool. 
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How to Profit Off the Dark Pool

These are all the topics that will be covered in this workshop.
  • The Psychology behind trading.
  • How to spot 9 different corrections before they happen by following the dark pool prints
  • Find out if you are a natural born trader by taking a short quiz
  • Learn how to find the “Whisper of the day”
  • How to spot insider trading and profit off of it
  • Learn the 4 different types of dark pool prints and how to trade them
  • 6 Basic Rules of Swing trading that everybody needs to know
  • The Highest probability swing levels to use to enter and exit your trades
  • How to cure exit-itis to maximize your profit potential on your trades
  • Mapping out swing trades  by learning how to draw simple channel lines and T-spots
  • Introduction to Japanese candle sticks
  • How to increase your success rate with candle stick patterns by reading the tape
  • How to profit off of Wyckoff patterns
  • How to trade emerging market ETF’s using the dark pool prints
  • The roller coaster trade
  • How to spot refreshing to help you enter only the highest probability trades
  • How to spot when the dark pool is buying gold
  • How to spot when the dark pool is buying the dollar
  • How to spot when the dark pool is buying bonds and T-bills
  • Fundamental versus technical analysis

Duration: 4 hours You must download the file to watch the entire workshop
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