Finding the T-Spot

Finding the trend change is the highest probability trade you can take. This workshop will feature numerous examples of finding the exact spot on your chart where the trend changes, otherwise known as the T-spot.
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Finding the T-Spot

In this one hour workshop, Stefanie will help you find the strongest support and resistance lines on some of the most popular stocks out there.  This workshop will focus on drawing simple and more complex trend lines to map out the highest probability trades.  Being able to find these key entry and exit spots will definitely take your trading to the next level. Whether you're a day trader, short term swing trader, or a long term investor, this workshop will help put the odds in your favor.  Stefanie will also show you how she spotted the November 28th, 2014 corrrection before it happened by reading the tape and trading around the dark pool prints. 

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Duration: 59 minutes

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