One on One Online Options Coaching - One Hour with Ricki

Knowledge is power in anything in life, but it’s so true in options.  
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One on One Online Options Coaching - One Hour with Ricki

Individualized 1 on 1 coaching can accelerate your understanding of options to increase the power of options in your trading.  Have you had stocks moving in the “right” direction, only to see that your options weren’t profitable or only marginally profitable?  Do you have questions about when to pay attention or not pay attention to the Greeks and how to read, understand, and use them for your benefit?  Has the implied volatility aspect of options pricing always confused you?  Do you want to learn specific options strategies such as spreads, condors, and butterflies?  Do you want to do earnings trades using options?  Do you want to increase your ROI at the same time minimizing risk on position trades?  Or do you want to concentrate just on daytrades?  Are you ready to take your options trading to new heights?  Coaching is best for students with some prior options education and trading experience, but coaching can be tailored to the brand new options trader as well.  

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