Lunch with Stefanie plus Training Pit

  • How would you like to have lunch with Stefanie Kammerman every Friday and learn how to trade around the Dark Pool
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Lunch with Stefanie plus Training Pit

  • Lunch with Stefanie (3 months activation)

You will be able to look over Stefanie's shoulder as she walks you through various Dark Pool trades she has taken, providing details of the strategies used to enter and exit

Stefanie will give you new swing trade set ups to take right now by following the most recent Dark Pool activity

                          Special Bonus

  • Training Pit  (3 months activation)
    • Learn the basics of trading from Stefanie and her handpicked and personally trained assistants
    • Attend numerous audio meetings throughout the day covering various learning objectives
    • Discover how the Dark Pool work as Stefanie shares some of her favorite trade set ups each week
    • See notifications in the alert tab in the room throughout the day on the unusual Dark Pool activity that is happening, along with which levels to trade
    • Access her Daily and Weekly Whisper videos
    • Training Pit Learning Objectives:
      • Overview of the Dark Pool
      • Basics of stock trading
      • Finding the right broker for you
      • Setting up your software with charts, time and sales window, Level 2, Level 3
      • Going long vs. going short
      • How to execute a trade
      • Day trading vs. swing trading
      • Moving averages, volume, drawing trend lines, Japanese candles, how to use pivots, etc.
      • Learn the difference between the different Electronic Communication Networks
      • Intro to tape reading
      • Fundamental Money Management
      • Basics of option trading
      • Basics of futures trading
      • And so much more!!
Every Friday 1  - 2 pm EDT

Lunch will be recorded and sent to members


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