Crypto for Beginners

Do you know that investing and trading in a newly created asset class called Crypto Currency is not as hard as it is made out to be?
You have probably heard of Bitcoin? Its all over the news, but lets make this personal for you, and bring it into the realm of understanding to profit from it.
We will share some great tips, give you some fantastic tools and get you started in the exciting world of trading crypto currency.
With institutional investors, banks, billionaires, and even corporations now moving huge sums of money into crypto, you do not want to miss out!!

We have created this unique 4 Hr workshop, to teach you how to  get started. You will easily learn how to trade and invest in the world of Crypto. We will walk you through it step by step.
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Crypto for Beginners

These are all the topics that will be covered in this 4 HR recorded workshop.
•             Crypto Background – you will be given access to an informative video pre the workshop. Learn what, why and real world examples of how its being used today.
•             Opening a crypto account easily – A ‘How To Guide’ pre the workshop.
•             Crypto Glossary – you will be sent a glossary of the most important terms used in the crypto space
•             How to research it.
•             How to buy it.
•             How to trade it. Stefanie Kammerman THE Stock Whisperer will show you a trick or two that’ll help you to enter and exit crypto trades in crypto correctly.
•             How to invest in it, an experienced investor in crypto, TAZ, will share investing tips.
•             Stefanie will also share her top tips that will help you enter and exit trades and avoid early exits ‘exit-itis’.
•             How to profit using some technical analysis tools.
•             How to Profit from Crypto ‘Currency’.
•             How to store it securely.
•             How to move it around, IE transfer it safely.
•             Above all, security will be a common thread throughout the workshop, you’ll be shown how to ‘scam proof yourself’, and tell what is genuine and what’s not.

Pre recorded from live presentation  2-20-21

Duration: 4 hours

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