One on One Online Coaching - One Hour with Donda

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One on One Online Coaching - One Hour with Donda

Power packed sessions focused on creating an individualized blueprint to enhance trading results.
Session topics include: Goal setting, organization & accountability
“To reach their full potential, the highest-performing athletes in the world utilize a professional coach.”
Donda Combs, an active trader, offers professional coaching to Java Pit members. Donda has a well-established background which includes 12 years as a business coach for high performers of a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary, over a decade as a successful business owner and most recently as the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company.
Sessions are ideal for each level of trader:
Aspiring- A newer trader who is trading live, typically in smaller positions or someone who is paper-trading and working towards trading live
Committed Trader- Currently trading live (full or part time) with varying levels of experience who is interested in propelling their trading to the next level
Established Trader: Long track record of trading, currently following a well-founded trading plan and is ready for a fresh perspective to enhance their results
Coaching Overview:
  1. Highly structured format for every session
  2. Priority placed on developing short term, mid-term and long-term goals
  3. Implementation of a step by step blueprint with deadlines
  4. Organizational techniques designed to replace unproductive time drains with productive actions 
  5. Developing an accountability plan for maximized results
  6. Utilizing “Best Practices” & Celebrating the efforts as well as the results
Session Examples:
  • Creating an effective trading schedule
  • Developing a personalized trading plan
  • Implementing a tracking form to review trades
  • Setting and tracking goals- for your trading business
  • Creating & utilizing a “Skills Checklist” to drive performance

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