Master the Dark Pool Module Three May 2022 (Recorded)

A Guide to Trading the Dark Pool
Master Swinging
Recorded from May 2022 live class

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Master the Dark Pool Module Three May 2022 (Recorded)

  • This highly structured workshop series is intended to be a transformative pivot point that equips you to take your trading to the next level. Our focus will be to move from “exposure” to the concepts and into “application” of the concepts.  
  • Saturday Workshop each week 1 1/2 hour 
  • Weekly interactive homework that incorporates fill in the blank, drag and drop, label the chart, multiple choice, order the tasks etc. The consistent repetition provided in the homework is designed to “fast forward” your mastery allowing you to trade at a more effective level.  
  • The full series consists of 3 Modules- each module is 3 weeks long. sold separately
  •  Partner Project-For those interested, be assigned a “partner” from the workshop and interact together to enhance learning. 
  •   Each participant will receive an easy to install link to allow you to set up your charts with Stef’s moving averages, pivots and to match Donda’s chart set up. During the workshop, you'll see a demonstration on how to upload the link. You'll also receive clear, straightforward recorded instructions to guide you in uploading the set up. 
  •   Real World Application with a focus on time management, organization tips & Goal Setting 
Module Three:

Week 1: Increasing the Number of Profitable Swings Taken with the Use of a Swing Evaluation Checklist
 Granted, it can be a challenge to evaluate numerous potential trades and ensure that we take every key factor into consideration. It can be even more complicated to quickly compare numerous trades to one another to ensure we take the highest probability swing! This trade evaluation checklist is designed to be "quick to use" in the afternoon as you evaluate swings. It provides a list of key items to consider when analyzing a swing and prompts you to assign a point value to each evaluation point. This will ensure that we "see" potential swings objectively and avoid a personal bias; it also ensures that you're able to compare multiple swings and be positioned to enter the swings with the highest probability.

Week 2:  Increase ROI by Trading 5-star trades
 Have you ever "missed" a move and wondered, "How did I not see that move coming". By actively looking for 5 Star Trades, we can take advantage of those great set ups. First let’s start by identifying a 5-star trade- These are trades that have splashed and have the potential to have a significant move. These are trades that can be the big money makers for your month. We’ll discuss how to identify these trades as well as several trade strategies to maximize your profit.  

Week 3:  Setting Income Goals for Each Print Traded
This is a structured and proactive approach to set and meet income goals. First, we'll analyze and identify various "Phases of the Swing". Next, we'll determine an overall income goal for "all" swing positions to be taken. Finally, we'll break the overall income goal into smaller income goals for each of the phases of the swings.  Once this process is mastered, position sizes can be altered to increase income!

RECORDED from live Class May 2022


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