Master the Dark Pool Module One February 2022Recorded

A Step by Step Guide to Trading the Dark Pool 

This is a recording of the live class from February 2022
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Master the Dark Pool Module One February 2022Recorded

  • This highly structured workshop series is intended to be a transformative pivot point that equips you to take your trading to the next level. Our focus will be to move from “exposure” to the concepts and into “application” of the concepts.  
  • The Modules are designed for two groups: The first group are those who completed Boot Camp in the past and are now ready to improve results by incorporating more of Stef’s techniques into your daily trading.   
  • The second group are those who recently completed Boot Camp and want to ensure they are equipped to master the vast amount of information from Bootcamp and systematically apply it into trading
  • Saturday Workshop each week 1 1/2 hour 
  • Weekly interactive homework that incorporates fill in the blank, drag and drop, label the chart, multiple choice, order the tasks etc. The consistent repetition provided in the homework is designed to “fast forward” your mastery allowing you to trade at a more effective level.  
  • The full series consists of 3 Modules- each module is 3 weeks long. Sign up for one module or all three. 
  •  Partner Project-For those interested, be assigned a “partner” from the workshop and interact together to enhance learning. 
  •   Each participant will receive an easy to install link to allow you to set up your charts with Stef’s moving averages, pivots and also to match Donda’s chart set up. During the workshop, you'll see a demonstration on how to upload the link. You'll also receive clear, straightforward recorded instructions to guide you in uploading the set up. 
  •   Real World Application with a focus on time management, organization tips & Goal Setting 
Module One:
  • Week 1: Master the Basics- This week focuses on ensuring you have a working understanding of the key terms and concepts covered in bootcamp. (The Splash, 2nd test, Minion time, Day trade Criteria, Swing Criteria, entry and exit levels, and many more). -4 days of interactive homework provided 
  • Week 2: Control The Trade- Don’t let the trade Control You- We’ll analyze common resistance and support levels  and master anticipating the most likely price action with the goal of exiting into strength.  No more watching your stock tumble down the hill taking your profits with it!  The focus this week is to increase your ROI by “planning the trade and trading the plan”. 4 days of interactive homework provided 
  • Week 3: Goal Setting- Setting goals is a best practice of high achievers. This week will focus on setting short term, goals, mid-term and long term goals for your business. We’ll create an action plan with specific steps and deadlines. 4 days of interactive homework provided 

Recorded from the Live class February 2022

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